Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Video Production

Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Video Production

Author: A Light on a Hill Productions | Dec 13, 2019 | Categories: Corporate Video Production , Industrial Video Production , Manufacturing Videos , Promotional Video Production , Sales Video Production , Video Advertising , Video Marketing , Video Production Company , Website Video Production

With videos being the most popular media on the internet, they are an effective and engaging way to reinforce your product and brand name. Moreover, as videos can be viewed across different media and are easily accessible, it’s vital for businesses to capitalize on video production to advertise their brand.

Unfortunately, due to the many misconceptions that float around video productions, many businesses refrain from hiring professionals to assist them in video marketing. They attempt to create their own video and end up with mediocre quality content.

To help you steer clear of these misconceptions and get your product to make a mark in the market by using professional video production services, A Light on a Hill Productions has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about video production.

Myth 1: Video production is expensive.
A perpetuating myth is that a video is going to cost way too much and that you don’t have a budget for one. This myth exists because, at one time, videos cost $10K to 30K to produce. However, the cost of video production has decreased remarkably. Although, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. Creative movie-making is a craft, and experience plays a significant role in pricing. Even so, the tools and methods we use today make it easier and faster to achieve results that used to take much longer. This is reflected in the prices that companies charge today. In today’s digital communication age, it benefits a multimillion-dollar company to invest a few thousand dollars in their media assets by hiring professionals to do the job instead of waiting to get it done cheaply.

Myth 2: Video production takes up a lot of your time.
Another myth that many companies have about video production is that they don’t have the time to have one created. I think some companies may not have a marketing department to help with the creation of the video, and the general manager or sales manager is already stretched too thin. Or even if they do have a marketing department in house, they may feel that there are already too many things happening to take time away from these tasks to dedicate to video production. Certain tasks are required to create a video, but we take care of a large majority of them for you. We may need help scheduling some personal time, machine time, or interview time but for the most part, if you point us in the direction we will figure out much of the details, prepare a shooting schedule, set up a shot sheet and help you create a story or a script without very many pressing issues. Sure, things need to be tidied up around the office and factory on the shoot day, but when it comes to producing and directing you on what we need, your marketing kit and other media material go a long way to helping us all get a running start. It usually takes a meeting and a visit to the facility to understand and survey the shots needed, and from there, we can be ready to go. This is where experience and expertise come into play.

Myth 3: Amateur videographers provide the same results as a professional videographer.
A common mistake many businesses are making today is to be relying on amateur videographers to create their media assets. I understand the thinking behind it. You may not be ready to invest in professional video production for your company yet, but consider the branding and the image aspect of such a decision. When a prospective client of yours sees a video that you have created with your iPhone and then sees your competitor’s video that has more production value to it, who do you think they may think is more of the expert in the field? Again, there are many ways to utilize the services of a professional in the field of video production. You may have some video assets that you have been collecting with your iPhone, and there are many ways to use these clips with creativity. This is where consulting a producer, or an editor is a good idea. We have been creating videos for a long time and may be able to help you create something without costing you a lot of money. Again, just look at the value of the video that you are putting out there on the web. Is this really the way that you want to represent your company in the digital age we are living in? We have lots of ideas about how to add production value to any video. Asking a professional videographer will go a long way.

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