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As we Enter upon a New decade many businesses are still not realizing the value of video recording their company in action and therefore not utilizing video in their marketing.

Got a Minute? That is one thing that most people have.

When you are going to watch a video what is the first thing you do? You check the running time on the video, right?

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Got A Minute - 2020 Vision

Marketing Video Production | Promotional Video Production | Branding Video Production


Video Production Geneva

Powerful Web Videos

A uniquely crafted one minute video used to promote your company's image will engage and educate and even entertain your potential clients, making them hungry for more information. A video focused on your service strengths and product durability can be used to promote your company while solidifying your branding.

Video Production Geneva

Increase Your Web Presence

Once your video is created you must get it where people can see it. YouTube and Vimeo serve as great video hosting sites, but Google owns YouTube. It's going to help increase your searches and increase your chances of landing on the good side of any algorithm that comes up, as long as your video educates and engages your audience. I would say all successful companies have a YouTube Channel. Why shouldn't they? It's free and it's where people go to watch videos!

Video Production Geneva

Increase Your Reach

Once your video is on YouTube you can use it anywhere: Your website, In emails, on Social Channels, at Trade Shows, on Tablets, at Sales Meetings. Play your video wherever fine quality videos are played.